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BodySpeak is a healing space run by Natasha Sharma – a Counsellor & Psychotherapist with a specialization in Hypnotherapy. She is based out of Bandra, Andheri & Goregaon West, Mumbai – however, online sessions via Skype are also available if you are not from Mumbai, or if travelling is an issue.

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Every individual irrespective of age, gender or background feels good about themselves when they are given respect and feel truly listened to. The relationship between client and therapist provides exactly that; in a safe, secure, confidential and non-judgmental environment. The therapist is there to listen to you and act as a guide so that you may find your own solutions to your issues.

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Personalized patient care is what sets BodySpeak apart. We acknowledge that each individual is perfect as they are and are unique – with their own beliefs, value systems and life experiences. All therapies will be undertaken with this premise. At no time will we judge you or tell you what to think or feel or not to. This is your journey and you have to find your own internal compass which will show you the way to your unique balance between your mind, body and spirit knowing that no two people, nor their situations are the same.

Client Testimonials

Words for BodySpeak - straight from the heart

  • I was nursing a running related injury that I received in 2011. Lots of physiotherapy, medication, orthos... but the pain remained. I met Natasha in mid 2016 on some work related to the company I was working for then. After 3 sessions with her, I started slowly running again. A first time experience: it took me to a new level of awareness: that pain is just not an expression of physical injury. It can also be the result of emotional turmoil and unresolved mental conflict. I can never thank my friend Natasha enough.  
    Madhumita (46, Professional) Treated for 3 weeks
  • I had been suffering from an intense sharp pain in the left hemisphere of my body. It was more like Lava in my veins when it started but gradually it reduced or maybe I got used to it. After the second session with Natasha I was relieved off half the pain, it was Magical and I didn't know how to thank her. With a few more sessions the pain seemed to be disappearing as though it never existed. It was an AmaXing Experience to have known Natasha and her approach to healing is exceptionally great.
    Om (30, Software Professional, Bangalore) Treated for 4 weeks
  • Natasha helped in healing my neck pain and I am very grateful for it. My experience with BodySpeak was exceptional and I am glad I went through the procedure as it really helped me.
    Simran (23, Dancer) Treated for 1 week

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