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One-to-one sessions at BodySpeak are geared towards identifying and enabling you to heal the root cause of repetitive patterns in your life in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. We aim to enable you to reach a place where you are able to take 100% responsibility for your own life and what happens within it.

Sessions typically run between 1 to 1.5 hours. The therapist’s role is to listen to you and guide you to learn to listen to yourself in such a manner that you will find your own solutions to your problems.

On average a case takes between 3-5 sessions to resolve an issue using Psychotherapy and/or Hypnotherapy.

Cognitive therapy using counselling and/or CBT only requires weekly sessions for 3-6 months involving making action plans, goal setting and commitment to change under the supervision of the therapist.




Also known as the “talking treatments”, Counselling & Psychotherapy help you to overcome emotional difficulties and free yourself from self-destructive ways of feeling, thinking and behaving. They work by providing an opportunity for you to talk in a way which assists you to understand yourself better. Having gained this understanding you can work out ways of living your life in a more positive and constructive way.

In difficult, painful times it can be helpful to talk things over in confidence with an objective outsider without worrying that you are overburdening them – a therapist’s job is to offer guidance and concentrated time and an impartial view that friends can’t give.

Challenges can arise during difficult times such as:

  • Grief over the death of a loved one
  • Not getting along with a partner or spouse
  • Loss of a job
  • Worrying about a new job
  • Dealing with stress at work
  • Anxiety about children or parents
  • Simply depressed without apparent cause

Emotional problems do not go away by ignoring them and we suppress them at our cost:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Back aches
  • Low energy
  • Tension
  • Stress
  • Constant grumpiness
  • Depression, feeling low or stuck in life
  • Fits of temper or intense irritation
  • Fears or phobias
  • Allergies
  • Lack of motivation
  • Low self esteem (children or adults)
  • Addiction issues

Psychological health is closely linked with our physical health. It makes sense not to ignore it, especially given the extra pressures and demands of modern living.




Hypnotherapy is a component of “talk therapy” that can be very effective in treating anxiety disorders. The term “hypnotherapy” comes from the Greek word “Hypnos”, which means “to sleep”. Some people benefit from cognitive therapy while others respond better to working directly with the subconscious mind. In a state of hypnosis the client is in a state of deep relaxation or “trance” and are hyper aware and hyper suggestible, able to access memories that they would not be able to in a cognitive state.

All the conditions mentioned above can be addressed using hypnotherapy if required.




Past Life Regression Therapy is conducted using hypnosis. It can help heal conditions that have not responded to other therapeutic modalities. Conditions like asthma, allergies, fears or phobias, diseases or pain in the body or problematic relationships, which have retained the memory of a trauma from a past life at a cellular level.

Personally, at BodySpeak we neither are advocates or naysayers of reincarnation nor are we proponents of promoting one religious belief above another. We do believe though that the mind is an amazing thing, and has myriad ways in which it tries protecting itself from trauma. When certain memories are repressed very deep, they may project themselves as past life (the mind’s way of disassociating) memories. As long as associations can be made, and the client can gain awareness of the problem, then a choice can be made and healing can begin.




Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a “talking therapy” that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. It is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health problems.




Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Fritz Perls (1893–1970). It focuses on insight into gestalts (forms and shapes – perspectives) in patients and their relations to the world, and often uses role playing to aid the resolution of past conflicts.




Crystal Healing is used to treat the energetic or auric body of the client. Crystals are used to cleanse the aura and balance the chakras. Avail our special Crystal Spa worth INR 4,999/- only.

Crystal Spa is a one hour session just like you would have at a salon – only this is for your energy field. You will be put in a state of deep relaxation and your chakras will be balanced and aura cleansed and refreshed. It helps in clearing negativity, the effects of stress and brings a glow to your face and leaves you with an overall feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

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You can use the Appointment Calendar below to book an ‘Individual’ or ‘Couples’ Session online.


For couples about to embark on a serious commitment, counselling is a wise choice. It is an opportunity to discuss openly and honestly, any doubts or concerns and sort it all out, so that the marriage can start on a clean and joyful note.

Intensive relationship counselling sessions help couples to air grievances and provide a therapeutic environment to heal wounds (real or imaginary) and thus equip you to be better partners for one another.



For couples who are facing tumultuous times, having an objective mediator can bring immense relief to the relationship. It helps to improve the communication between each other by ensuring each gets an opportunity to speak as well as be heard by the other. Relationship counselling typically consists of a combination of joint as well as individual sessions for both parties.



In less dire circumstances, a romantic getaway is often a good antidote to hiccups in a relationship. We propose that in addition to the romance, you get the chance to actually proactively do something about your issues by getting exclusive sessions from a therapist whilst on your romantic break.

We have designed an Overnight Away Package (Weekday/Weekend) with UTropicana, Alibaug for couples seeking change and in need of a real break to work on their relationship. This break offers you the opportunity to have the undivided attention of a therapist in idyllic surroundings away from the din of the city and your everyday life.

Intensive counselling sessions, and complimentary spa bookings for you both… will enable you to unwind both physically and psychologically. You are free to discuss any aspect of your relationship where you feel you need for a friendly ear and a guide to help you identify your own coping mechanisms personally and within the relationship.


SAMPLE BREAK ITINERARY: (Customized packages can also be designed according to client preference and budget) 

Speedboat Pick-up and Drop to Gateway of India

Day # 1

Arrive at UTropicana Resort at 12 noon
Welcome drink (non alcoholic)
Check-in and relax
1:30pm Lunch
2:30 – 3:30pm Introductory Session with the couple
Break half an hour
4-6pm Session with the lady (man goes for a massage)
6:30-8:30pm Session with the man (lady goes for a massage) Dinner

Day # 2
7-9am yoga/swim/couples massage
9am Breakfast
10-11am Final session
12pm Checkout

(+91) 9820 454 336

You can use the Appointment Calendar below to book an ‘Individual’ or ‘Couples’ Session online.

We at BodySpeak have designed “Healing for Healers” Workshops inspired by healers and therapists like ourselves for healers and therapists like ourselves. We recognize the need for us to come together and support each other given that ours is an informal sector and an unorganized one.

As each of us started upon this journey of becoming healers & therapists, some of us did a lot of self-work while we were learning, and many of us did not. Some of us have started working as full time or part-time professionals while many have chosen to remain amateurs. Regardless of your choices, aside from being part of some Facebook or WhatsApp groups and perhaps if you are lucky to be part of a Nurturer’s circle or group, the chances is you have very little support in the practice of your work – both personally and professionally.

We conduct Workshops for others and expect them to pay, while we hesitate to join up and attend workshops conducted by others. We have stopped working on ourselves. Or perhaps we have reached a point where we need intervention because we have hit an “impasse” in our self healing and we do not know who to go to for help.

If you are a healer you qualify for 10% off on our membership packages.

Our “Healing for Healers” Workshops can be organised for a group size of 6-10 members. For fees please refer to group session section. The sessions will be facilitated by Natasha Sharma primarily using Gestalt and Transactional Analysis techniques for group therapy as well as meditation for forgiveness and relaxation.

(+91) 9820 454 336

You can book an ‘Individual’ or ‘Couples’ Session online using the ‘Online Appointment Calendar’

Appointment Booking Form

    Group Sessions or Personal Growth Labs (PGL) are offered by BodySpeak at the premises of your choosing – at your home, society meeting hall or office premises. Alternatively you can opt for participating in the PGL off-site at any of the locations that we have tied up with. Your choice depends on your requirement, timelines and budget. Off-site sessions can be a day, overnight or the optimum recommended residential 3 days programme.

    Personal Growth Labs are conducted by BodySpeak for groups of individuals (between 5-20 members) who may or may not be connected with one another. It can be a family, a social group or employees from SMEs.

    Since a group is a microcosm and the way in which we eventually conduct ourselves in a group is exactly the way we would in any other group; for instance at home, or in a social gathering or at work, it is an invaluable setting in which to better understand ourselves and us viz others.

    The aim of a PGL is to facilitate members of the group to learn basic individual psychological needs, and mechanisms we employ in our everyday lives to fulfill those needs, in order to understand ourselves better. Thus members of the group are able to improve their intrapersonal and interpersonal communication abilities and skills.

    We primarily use the study of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapeutic Techniques to facilitate this understanding and change.

    We can conduct Group Sessions at any location of your choice. Onsite or offsite. You can choose to avail of special packages that we have with our offsite partner UTropicana (Alibaug) if you like.

    (+91) 9820 454 336

    You can book an ‘Individual’ or ‘Couples’ Session online using the ‘Online Appointment Calendar’

    Appointment Booking Form

      Anybody and everybody can benefit from personal attention and care. From introspection, from understanding themselves better and from the knowledge of basic psychological principles; in the 1970s Eric Berne decoded complex psychological principles and served it up for normal people to understand and apply to their lives. This field is known as Transactional Analysis (TA). At BodySpeak we are committed to delivering this knowledge to you for the betterment of yourself and your organization.

      Knowledge of TA can benefit your HR department; provide them with tools with which to identify people’s abilities, capabilities and therefore optimum positioning beyond their resumes and interview performance. Top management, middle management can understand themselves and their teams better and therefore get maximum output from the members. Employees within departments can develop trust and communication skills that can help them enhance their performance intradepartmental as well as interdepartmental.

      Employee welfare, betterment and personal growth are a priority for most organizations. We understand that, and to honor that commitment you have, we offer the facility for you to customize the experience you would like yourself and your employees to benefit from.

      You let us know:

      • The present challenges and concerns regarding employee performance etc.
      • Desired outcome from the Workshop
      • Your budget
      • How much time you can allocate
      • On-site or Off-site (You can opt to checkout our offsite partner UTropicana)

      And we shall customize and present a proposal to you addressing those specific needs.

      (+91) 9820 454 336

      You can book an ‘Individual’ or ‘Couples’ Session online using the ‘Online Appointment Calendar’

      Appointment Booking Form

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